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Navitar is comprised of a network of companies that design, develop, manufacture and distribute precision optical solutions. Navitar Machine Vision supplies optics, opto-mechanical sub-assemblies and opto-electronic system solutions for machine vision, automation, assembly, electronic imaging, testing, measuring and inspection. Our Special Optics division specializes in rapidly designing, prototyping, and manufacturing innovative optical systems for the medical, defense and security, semiconductor and commercial OEM markets.

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Navitar Introduces Versatile Dual View Imaging System

POSTED 03/26/2012

hester, New York – Navitar, Inc., a global leader in optical technology, has introduced a versatile dual view imaging system, allowing customers to simultaneously view a single subject and capture an image at multiple fields of view (FOV).

For situations requiring multiple fields of view, Navitar’s dual view module offers, with just one setup, a single objective lens presented to two separate imaging channels. The channels can be fixed, zoom, or a combination of both. Two separate light sources and wavelengths can be used, allowing inspection of multiple types of materials. The use of different adapter tubes on each optical path provides a wider FOV than a traditional single view system, without the hassles of changing workstations or lighting setups.

The dual view system has a minimum potential optical magnification range of 0.09X to 6.13X, which corresponds to FOVs as large as 120mm diagonal on a 2/3” format sensor down to a 0.65mm diagonal on a 1/4” sensor. Maximum optical magnification using the dual view system can range from 20X to 583X using a 50X objective.

Navitar’s dual view system consists of:
- Combination of Fixed 1X Tube lens, Precise Eye, Zoom 6000, or 12X Zoom
- Dual View fold block
- LED and adjustable LED light sources
- Adapter tubes

Don Ehinger, Vice President of Sales at Navitar, comments, “The dual view system is a unique mechanical system that lets our customers capture an image and present it to two different sensors. This allows for a variety of options when viewing samples. Customers have used the dual view system in applications such as camera sensor inspection, laser beam monitoring, and thin film transistor repair.”                                                              

About Navitar, Inc.
Navitar produces high-magnification imaging optics, precision laser optical assemblies, and custom microscopy systems for a variety of automated medical and biotechnology processes including flow cytometry, live cell analysis, fluorescence imaging, DNA sequencing, in vitro fertilization, stem cell imaging, and two-photon microscopy. Navitar’s micro-imaging optics provide the same high-quality, high-magnification images of traditional microscopes while enabling leading equipment manufacturers to develop lower cost, more compact, and higher performing medical instruments.
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