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Navitar Grants Trademark License for Hoffman Modulation Contrast® (HMC®) to Carl Zeiss

POSTED 11/01/2011

hester, New York – Navitar, Inc., a global leader in optical technology, today announced a new licensing agreement with German optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH. Under the terms of the contract, Carl Zeiss will license Navitar’s Hoffman Modulation Contrast® (HMC®) trademark for use in their iHMC product line. Zeiss will manufacture objectives, modulators, slit apertures, and condensers using the HMC technology, and distribute and sell them under the iHMC name.

Hoffman Modulation Contrast technology, originally developed and patented by Dr. Robert Hoffman, has become the world’s most widely used light microscopy contrast method for viewing colorless and transparent biological specimens. Navitar is the sole owner of the HMC trademark due to its recent acquisition of assets of Modulation Optics, located in Glen Cove, New York. Prior to the acquisition by Navitar, Modulation Optics partnered with Research Instruments Limited (RI) of the United Kingdom, to combine the imaging capabilities of HMC technology with RI’s instruments for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) in the development of the optics for RI IMSI™.

“Zeiss’ licensing of the Hoffman Modulation Contrast mark reinforces the importance of this brand to the fields of biotechnology and medical research,” remarks Julian Goldstein, Co-President of Navitar. “Navitar is pleased to partner with such a major player in the world of optics.”

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging is a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss AG, and manufactures microscope systems for biomedical research and the healthcare and high-tech sectors.

About Navitar, Inc.
Navitar produces high-magnification imaging optics, precision laser optical assemblies, and custom microscopy systems for a variety of automated medical and biotechnology processes including flow cytometry, live cell analysis, fluorescence imaging, DNA sequencing, in vitro fertilization, stem cell imaging, and two-photon microscopy. Navitar’s micro-imaging optics provide the same high-quality, high-magnification images of traditional microscopes while enabling leading equipment manufacturers to develop lower cost, more compact, and higher performing medical instruments. 

About Modulation Optics
Modulation Optics of Glen Cove, New York, has been producing HMC® microscope objectives and condensers for over 30 years. They design and manufacture their own condenser systems to satisfy a wide range of numerical aperture and working distance combinations. They also have a unique understanding of inverted microscopes which has enabled them to be a valuable R&D firm to help companies develop the next generation live cell imaging systems. 

Hoffman Modulation Contrast and HMC are registered trademarks of Navitar, Inc.

About Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH 
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging is a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss AG, and manufactures microscope systems for biomedical research and the healthcare and high-tech sectors. Founded as a workshop for precision mechanics and optics in 1864, the Carl Zeiss Group of today is a global leader in the optical and optoelectronic industries, with production centers in Europe, North America, Central America and Asia.

About Research Instruments Ltd
Research Instruments Ltd (RI) is an international, progressive and dynamic company specializing in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge technology and medical devices for the field of IVF including the high performance clinical RI IMSI™. For nearly 50 years Research Instruments Ltd has earned an enviable reputation for quality, innovative design, and a reliable, dedicated workforce. RI's expertise in micromanipulation and collaboration with Navitar in optics allows us to offer a carefully chosen package, RI IMSI™, for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) which provides excellent image quality yet remains simple and practical for routine clinical use.
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