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mvBlueLYNX-X – A lot of power per Watt and volume

POSTED 02/14/2012

reduction of power consumption and size together with increasing power are the three common approaches to become eco-friendly in Automation. Automation solutions like intelligent cameras and smart vision sensors require a lot of processing power. Here in particular, there are potential savings with the right choice of the processor concept. Currently, there are two movements on the market: the x86 compliant processors like Intel’s Atom™ is known to be a low power processor, however, ARM processors have a better savings potential because they not only have reduced power requirements, but also are smaller in size. This fact is also proven by the current smart phones and tablet PCs.
For this reason, MATRIX VISION's new intelligent camera solution mvBlueLYNX-X uses Texas Instruments’ OMAP™ 3 series. These processors feature a powerful ARM-Cortex-A8™ core and offer an efficient performance up to 1 GHz plus an additional, separate DSP up to 800 MHz.

Atom™ processors reach use higher processor clocks, however, they have a considerably higher power consumption. Typically, Atom™ systems need 15 Watts, whereas mvBlueLYNX-X only operates with 5 Watts under full load.
By using the ARM processor a small housing is possible. Without lens, the mvBlueLYNX has a size of 85 x 55 x 35 mm (H x W x D). Besides the size, OEMs and system integrators also benefit from the wide range of interfaces. The camera series feature 100 Mbit LAN; two USB 2.0 interfaces, RS-232, digital inputs and outputs, display output as well as MicroSD card interfaces. A wide range of high quality CCD and CMOS sensors from VGA to 5 megapixels are also available. As lens holder, the C(S)-Mount is standard, but S-Mount lens holders are available as an option. Models with integrated illumination improve the handling and guarantee image quality. Furthermore, models with IP65 and board-level versions are available as well.
The mvBlueLYNX-X is shipped with a Software Development Kit (SDK) DVD including a Linux LiveCD. The LiveCD consists of a preconfigured Linux system with a ready to use development environment. Thus and in combination with a Virtual Machine, you can start to develop mvBlueLYNX-X applications on Windows or Linux systems immediately. At the same time software support was increased: mvIMPACT and HALCON can now be used as image processing libraries.