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mvBlueFOX-MLC – Tiny with Autofocus and Motorized Lens Control

POSTED 11/05/2012

the tiny single-board camera mvBlueFOX-MLC, MATRIX VISION offers an option in the form of an add-on board, enabling the use of a motorized S-mount lens holder. The driver interface “mvIMPACT Acquire” was extended to accommodate the addition. The class “MotorFocusControl” can be configured with the well-known parameter tool wxPropView. Along with the module mvIMPACT Focus, which is part of the in-house image processing library mvIMPACT, it is possible to program reliable industrial autofocus applications. In combination with this option, the mvIMPACT Focus module is free of charge.
With a size of only 35 x 33 mm the camera contains an image memory of 8 megapixels for secure and tearing free image transmissions as well as a unique micro-PLC sequencer for time-critical I/O and acquisition control, which is useful in stereo acquisitions. To meet various requirements, the camera is available with different configurations with regard to interfaces and lens mounts. The board can be equipped with a Mini USB connector as well as with a USB header. As a lens interface S-Mount is available in three different depths. Optionally, high quality C-Mount and CS-Mount interfaces can be chosen. There also exists an industrial flexibility with the choice of digital inputs and outputs: either 1/1 opto-isolated or 2/2 TTL compliant digital I/Os are possible.
Beside the drivers for Linux and Windows, the camera also completely supports DirectShow, NeuroCheck, Halcon, and LabView as well as further third-party software products and of course the MATRIX VISION image processing library mvIMPACT.
Named mvBlueFOX-IGC (IGC stands for “Industrial Grade Compact”), the successful single-board camera family mvBlueFOX-MLC is available with a housing. Two models are offered with two different back planes: The first model features one Mini-USB interface, the second one a further circular connector for the digital inputs and outputs.