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mvBlueCOUGAR-X – Now Also with Power Over Ethernet (POE)

POSTED 05/10/2012

RIX VISION's successful GigE Vision camera mvBlueCOUGAR is available with new features. On the one hand, with the option “-POE” (for Power over Ethernet) you have the possibility to power the camera via Ethernet cable. This simplifies the cabling of the camera considerably. On the other hand, with the option “-PLC” there is a more robust model of the camera especially for PLC signals (24V) available. This option is beneficial for very long I/O cables, which can require surge protection according to EN standard testing.
In addition to the new options, the firmware was updated. The firmware is part of our current driver package, which is ready for download from our website.

The new firmware supports onboard color processing including color correction matrices (CCM - Color Correction Matrix), selectable dsiplay color spaces and optimized display LUTs. Sensor-specific matrices will be available soon. All in all, this results in an optimum color display quality at unprecedented levels.

Furthermore, all sensors contain a flat field correction. The cameras offer the possibility to read the correction data from the camera and write them into the camera. Additionally, the correction data can be saved in the non-volatile memory of the camera for sensors up to 1.3 Mpixels. Instead of the correction data, an image snap of the camera can be loaded and output like a live image. This mode can be useful for software endurance tests, which require constant image quality.
Under specific conditions, the so-called smear effect appears in combination with external triggered image acquisitions while using CCDs. Now, the CCD camera models have an additional mode which suppresses this effect.
Based upon the standards GigE Vision and GenICam, there are a few more optimizations and improvements concerning the operation of multiple cameras. These include the support of GigE Vision events (ExposureEnd and TriggerEvents at the inputs), primary application switchover (to hand over the control of a camera from one host to another) and multicast mode. Multicast mode enables sending the live image from one camera to several hosts simultaneously.
There are also some optimizations of individual models which take better advantage of sensor features:
Besides sensor-specific auto exposure / auto gain mode, the mvBlueCOUGAR-X100w (wide VGA resolution) offers an additional camera based mode. This mode enables a more precise regulation of the exposure time in micro seconds and guarantees flicker free image quality – even in artificial light.
For the mvBlueCOUGAR-X102e (SXGA resolution) there is now a line-scan mode with a line frequency of 12 KHz available. It is possible to change between line-scan and area scan using software. With this camera it is possible to operate hybrid area and line-scan applications. This option is available for both color and gray scale sensors. In the case of the color sensor, two lines of the Bayer mosaic are read at a time.
The mvBlueCOUGAR-X105 now supports a higher pixel frequency, achieving 14.4 frames per second with 5 million pixels.