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Multi-View™ Advanced Imaging System

POSTED 01/19/2012

g hspace="10" alt="Multi-View™ Advanced Imaging System" vspace="10" align="right" width="300" height="161" src="/userAssets/aiaUploads/Image/USS-Multi-view.jpg" />USS Multi-View™ is an advanced, low cost, proven solution for multiple inspection applications. Created in our Research and Development Center and proven in the field, Multi-View™ is developed to be installed on moving or stationary assembly applications, inspecting part presence/absence, measurement, orientation, and color. Up to forty-six sensor heads can be plugged into the Multi-View™ platform, creating an inspection array surrounding the target object. Multi-View™ is a huge cost save versus traditional smart sensors in multiple camera applications, and is far more powerful. Inspection data and inspected images are automatically stored on the Multi-View™ controller. Adding a sensor onto the Multi-View™ system is about 30% of the cost of a traditional smart sensor, making Multi-View™ even more attractive. To date, USS has installed over 500 Multi-View™ sensors. For more information on this exciting product, or to see a demonstration, call today.