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Metaphase Technologies provides high-quality, low cost, off-the-shelf and custom-made LED lighting systems for machine vision inspection. Our extensive product line has over 4,000 standard models of LED lighting products and power supplies to choose from.

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Multi-Channel Universal LED Controller with Ethernet Controllability

POSTED 02/24/2012

v>Metaphase Technologies new multi-channel 120 Watt LED Controller, Model ULC-2, provides dual, independent, constant-current control of LED Illuminators (60W, 4A DC and 40A Strobed PER channel).  The unit is controlled via User-friendly LCD & keypad or Ethernet/USB interface (Metaboss software or Ethernet Command list).   Multiple units can be daisy-chained together for additional channels.
Metaphase Technologies New Multi-Channel Universal LED Controller with Ethernet Controllability, Model ULC-2
In Pulse (Strobe) Mode, the ULC-2 is capable of output currents up to 40 amps. The ULC-2 is capable of driving LED forward voltages between 4V and 20V. Pulsewidths are adjustable down to 2 microseconds and external trigger rates up to 100kHz.
The ULC-2 features remote controllability via Ethernet using Metaphase Windows software MetaBOSS. Additionally, user-adjustments of the ULC-2 are provided by way of a user-friendly LCD interface. Up to five preset configurations may be saved and recalled to meet the changing demands of today's applications.