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Metaphase Technologies provides high-quality, low cost, off-the-shelf and custom-made LED lighting systems for machine vision inspection. Our extensive product line has over 4,000 standard models of LED lighting products and power supplies to choose from.

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MT-FL300x150 Area Front Light

POSTED 08/07/2012

MT-FL300x150 Area Front Light from MetaphaseThis ruggedized MetaBright™ area front light provides 11" x 6" (300x150mm) direct intensity lighting.  Used alone or in pairs these lights have the advantage of being able to be moved around to both on and off axis to provide the best lighting scenario. 


  • IP67 Rated housing
  • Shock and Vibration resistant
  • Broad, Bright Spectrum of Light
  • Useful in Night inspection or times with low daylight
  • Shop light use- IP rated for areas with lots of spray
  • Outdoor application and weather/season proof