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Mikrotron GmbH, established in 1976 and located outside Munich, Germany, provides a full range of high-speed imaging solutions for challenging applications in industry, engineering, science and sports. The company designs, produces, distributes and rents high-speed cameras, image recording systems, software and image processing components. Mikrotron's extreme slow-motion recording enables customers to optimize manufacturing processes, improve product design, revolutionize quality management and analyze motion.

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MotionBLITZ® CVR Compact Versatile Recorder

POSTED 01/06/2014

rong>560 Frames Per Second at 4 Megapixel Resolution
MotionBLITZ® CVR Compact Versatile Recorder  
How to capture details that elude the eye
Unterschleissheim, Bavaria - MIKROTRON, a supplier, designer and manufacturer of compact and robust high-speed, high-resolution cameras, announces their new MotionBLITZ® CVR. The MotionBLITZ®CVR offers a full RAM download in less than four minutes, resetting the CVR into ready state for faster recording MotionBLITZ® CVR Compact Versatile Recorder   than ever before. 

Captures Precise Details at High-Speed    
The MotionBLITZ® CVR captures up to 12 seconds of 2,336 x 1,728-pixel video recorded at 560 frames per second (fps) and up to 14.8 seconds at 1080P at a blazing 900 fps. The MotionBLITZ® CVR offers even more advantages when coupled with its compact, high-performance EoSens 4CXP camera. The camera's small footprint - 80 x 80 x 53 mm in the C-mount configuration, means it can be positioned for optimum imaging geometry without interfering with the subject. That's because the EoSens 4CXP is connected to the MotionBLITZ® CVR by up to a 20 meter long cable. 
The MotionBLITZ® CVR's combination of high resolution and high-speed recording brings the ability to produce extremely precise event analyses to industrial and research environments. For example, individual production steps of highly complex, extremely fast production processes can be recorded at resolutions down to the micrometer scale and precisely analyzed.
The camera and recorder system can be configured to record up to 35,000 fps in smaller image formats. In addition, the EoSens CXP also offers high light sensitivity of 3,200 ASA in monochrome and 2,400 ASA in RGB (Bayer filter) mode.
Solves Download Lag Time
High-speed video capture helps engineers improve industrial processes and researchers analyze fast acting events. But large-format high-speed cameras quickly run out of internal storage, delaying work while data is transferred. The new MotionBLITZ® CVR from Mikrotron solves the problem with extremely fast download of images from the RAM memory to the internal RAID recorder. The MotionBLITZ® CVR can download an entire 12 second full resolution recording from RAM and prepare for the next acquisition in under four minutes.
User Friendly MotionBLITZ® Director 2 Software
The proven MotionBLITZ® Director 2 software module easily configures and operates the complete MotionBLITZ® CVR. Additional software tools expand the flexibility to meet the requirements of a wide variety of high-speed imaging applications.
MIKROTRON Mikrocomputer Digital- und Analogtechnik GmbH was established in 1976 in Eching, Bavaria. MIKROTRON provides small and robust high-speed, high-resolution cameras for industrial and scientific applications, sports analysis, advertisements, and documentaries.

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