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Midwest Engineering Systems Inc. provides custom machines, integrated systems, automation/robotic solutions, and production lines to manufactures globally. Our engineering staff has technical expertise, a diverse knowledge base, and has built thousands of integrated automation systems over the last 20+ years. Not only does MWES provide the new equipment, but also new process development, training, support, service, maintenance, and retrofits for all of a factory’s manufacturing equipment. Our design and build solutions include: customized robots, specialized End of Arm Tools (EOAT), cable solutions, vision systems, safety enclosures, process monitoring, control systems, and automation systems.

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Midwest Engineered System's Terry Merrifield to Speak at at National Robotic Welding Convention

POSTED 06/02/2015

The VP/General Manager for Midwest Engineered System’s Colorado operation, Terry Merrifield, has been asked to speak at the National Robotic and Welding Conference & Exhibit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 2nd. He and Steve Wise, the Lead Project Engineer for Eaton Corporation, will address the many facets of automation including techniques, mistakes, sensor technology applications, criteria for vendor selection, and the ways to succeed at robotic arc welding automation.

The National Robotic Welding Conference & Exhibition first began in 1983. The late John Hinrich from AO Smith Corporation partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in order to display the cutting edge welding and automation technology in the area.

This year, the conference will be celebrating its 32nd anniversary with two full days jam-packed with incredible events. On June 2nd, Eaton Corporation, who manufactures the Cooper Power series, will be featuring tours showing the company’s expertise in automation, welding processes, and resistance welding.  John Deere Horicon, a corporate leader in robotics technologies, will present paint, materials handling, and welding robots on tours led on June 3rd. In addition, Miller Electric is offering a bonus day on June 1st by featuring its future of robotics tours.

Midwest Engineered Systems is very excited to have a member of its team speak at such an amazing event.

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. is committed to providing simple solutions to complex automation problems. Our engineering staff has technical expertise that includes a diverse knowledge base, building thousands of custom automation systems over the last 23 years.

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. has been providing high-quality custom machine design and automation solutions since 1991.