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Microscan Webinar on ID and Inspection for Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

POSTED 11/25/2013

TON, WA Microscan, a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision, and lighting solutions, announces that it will host an educational webinar titled “ID and Inspection from Circuit to Smart Phone” – an exploration of the role of auto ID (barcode) and machine vision technology in consumer electronics manufacturing. The presentation and audience question-and-answer session are free to attend and will take place during two live web sessions: December 4 at 10 A.M. PST (Seattle) / 1 P.M. EST (Boston) and December 5 at 9 A.M. EST (Boston) / 3 P.M. CET (Amsterdam).

In the highly competitive consumer electronics market, exceptional product quality and high production speeds are critical to a manufacturer’s success. Characteristically small and densely complex parts pose daunting challenges for electronics manufacturers aiming to meet these goals and avoid costly consequences like scrap, rework, or even recalls. Today’s automation solutions, however, are more capable than ever of achieving accuracy through high-performance identification and inspection technology that is increasingly intuitive, compact, and cost-effective. In this webinar, take a close look at the manufacturing process of a smart phone and see how barcode readers and machine vision equipment are helping some of today’s electronics companies achieve component traceability, detect defects, and ensure accurate assembly. Join Microscan Senior Solutions Engineer, Steve King, as he presents the common uses and benefits of automation technology in consumer electronics manufacturing.

Webinar presenter Steve King, Senior Solutions Engineer on Microscan’s industry-focused Electronics team, has been creating automation solutions for the semiconductor, electronics, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries for over 27 years. He is an AIA Certified Vision Professional (Advanced) and holds a BSME and MS in Engineering Design from Tufts University.

To register for the December 4 or 5 session of “ID and Inspection from Circuit to Smart Phone,” visit:

About Microscan

Microscan is a global leader in technology for precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM applications. Founded in 1982, Microscan has a strong history of technology innovation that includes the invention of the first laser diode barcode scanner and the 2D symbology, Data Matrix. Today, Microscan remains a technology leader in automatic identification and machine vision with extensive solutions for ID tracking, traceability and inspection ranging from basic barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection, identification, and measurement.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company recognized for quality leadership in the U.S., Microscan is known and trusted by customers worldwide as a provider of quality, high precision products. Microscan is a Spectris company.

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