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Microscan to Demonstrate Legacy of Simple, Powerful Barcode and Vision Inspection Solutions at Two International Automation Shows

POSTED 03/09/2015

roscan, a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision, and lighting solutions, will demonstrate its 30-year legacy of easy-to-use technology for automating factory operations at two international trade shows – AUTOMATICON and Automate 2015.

From March 17-20, Microscan provides a demonstration of its range of barcode and vision inspection products for data tracking, production control, and quality assurance from booth A-22 at AUTOMATICON, located in the Warsaw International Expocentre in Poland. Microscan plug-and-play automation tools will then go on display March 23-26 from booth 988 at Automate 2015, located at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

Founded in 1982, Microscan has continued its legacy of industry-leading solution engineering by focusing on the development of tools that enable users of all experience levels to implement automation in place of error-prone manual processes to save time, materials, and reduce cost. Beginning with the invention of the world’s first laser diode scanner (greatly reducing the size and complexity of common 6-inch helium/neon tube barcode scanners), Microscan has pioneered safer, smaller, faster, and easier automation options for industries from consumer goods packaging to laboratories to electronics assembly. The trend of cross-industry and cross-user simplification and higher performance in automation has led to the convergence of image-based identification and inspection technology in Microscan’s latest portfolio of automation products that blur the lines between barcode reading and machine vision. This technology includes the company’s award-winning AutoVISION® Machine Vision Suite as well as complete turnkey solutions like the PanelScan™ PCB Traceability System and Barcode Verification Kits.

Marking this new era of single-solution automated ID and inspection technologies, and preparing for further innovation on its engineering roadmap, Microscan will offer live demonstrations of plug-and-play automation products from its comprehensive automation portfolio at Automate and AUTOMATICON, and will offer personal consultations with the company’s technical solutions team. Visitors to these shows will be able to see and experience Microscan barcode and machine vision products that work right out of the box, including barcode readers for reading any code printed or marked on any surface and machine vision cameras that check for product defects, read text, or guide robots while enabling users to see exactly what the camera sees in user-friendly software interfaces. Visitors are invited to bring their challenges to the Microscan team and receive personal demos from the company’s range of solutions to meet specific automation needs.