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“Michigan Triple Play” Results in KMT Robotic Solutions Receiving Energetx Composites Wind Turbine Blade Automation Order

POSTED 11/11/2010

otic Solutions, Inc. (KMT-RS) and Stiles Machinery Inc. today announced the sale of a Wind Turbine Blade Root End Cut and Drill System to Energetx Composites, LLC of Holland, Michigan. This order was the result of these three Michigan businesses diversifying to include Wind Energy in their expertise and working together to engineer the best manufacturing solution for root end processing. This “Michigan Triple Play” will maximize the effect of this capital investment on the State. This project is made possible by funding provided by the Bureau of Energy Systems, Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Energetx Composites was launched in the summer of 2008 to focus on the manufacture of wind turbine blades, building on the expertise developed as boat builder S2 Yachts. A new facility is planned for the production of utility-scale blades which measure 150 feet and beyond in length. There are plans to employ up to 750 people in this facility over the next 5 years.

Energetx contracted with Stiles Machinery Inc., another Michigan company, to act as their project manager focused on assembling the equipment required for this new facility. “Many companies are unaware of the breadth of equipment that Stiles represents,” says Stephan Waltman, Vice President of Marketing for Stiles. “We provide machinery and services within the wood industry, plastics, metals, composites, and more. We are extremely pleased to help Energetx in their endeavor to grow this industry and offer new employment opportunities in Michigan.” Stiles is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a leader in recommending, supplying and supporting high-quality production solutions. Stiles began focusing on the emerging composites industry, particularly Wind Energy and Aerospace, in late 2007 and since that time has successfully integrated a broad range of industrial machining solutions.

KMT Robotic Solutions of Auburn Hills, Michigan built on its expertise of trimming composite parts for the boat, bath and truck industries, expanding into Wind Energy in 2007. KMT-RS has become the global leader in robotic automation for the processing of Wind Turbine Blade root ends. The solution provided to Energetx is based on KMT-RS’s RoboTrim® WT-2000 Root Cut and Drill system which is quickly becoming the industry standard.  This system will use the latest drilling process technology that is 25% faster than previously available and patent-pending KMT-RS technology to quickly locate the blade, minimizing the set-up time and maximizing productivity.

“It is a thrill and an honor for our team to work with two other Michigan companies to meet robotic automation needs and bring jobs to the state”, said Kevin McManus, President & CEO of KMT Robotic Solutions. “Diversifying the Michigan manufacturing base and creating contributions to local economies is important work and this project is a win-win-win for Michigan manufacturing.”
KMT Robotic Solutions was formed in December of 2006 with the union of KMT Cutting Systems in Ronneby, Sweden and Robotic Production Technology in Auburn Hills, Mich. KMT Robotic Solutions has more than 3,700 robots installed around the world and more than 25 years experience developing, designing, building, servicing and supporting robotic cutting, trimming and cleaning solutions for manufacturing customers. With direct and relationship partner locations in Europe, the Americas, China, and Japan, KMT is strategically positioned to serve the global market. KMT Robotic Solutions. Creating value through automation.   
Stiles is a leader in supplying world-class machinery solutions and support services since 1965. The company’s Total Production Solutions commitment ensures the client's success their first order of business.  Stiles offers a broad selection of world-class machining and finishing solutions spanning multiple industries from automotive to marine, contract components to wind energy technology.  Stiles provides machinery solutions to increase production capacities, as well as improve process technology to help our clients compete globally.  The company’s success was achieved by building a solid reputation of providing customers with Total Production Solutions,backed by a comprehensive array of support services that are delivered quickly, dependably, and consistently.