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Metaphase Technologies provides high-quality, low cost, off-the-shelf and custom-made LED lighting systems for machine vision inspection. Our extensive product line has over 4,000 standard models of LED lighting products and power supplies to choose from.

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Metaphase Technologies Implements New Integrated Lighting Control Platform

POSTED 04/28/2016

Metaphase Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of machine vision and specialty LED illumination, is pleased to announce that we have officially adopted a new technology of intelligent and integrated lighting platform. This new technology, Triniti from Gardasoft Vision Ltd., provides expert control, operational performance data and full networking of LED lighting for Metaphase Technologies lighting systems – all within a ‘plug & play’ environment.

Integrated Lighting Control PlatformOliver Szeto, President of Metaphase Technologies, commented that “the plug and play environment fits with our goal of enhancing quality and ease of use for our customers. We’re excited to incorporate this cutting edge technology into our products as we continue to offer the most advanced LED illumination in the world".

This technology allows the user to configure a properly synchronized Metaphase LED light and camera system with the precision and repeatability needed to capture a well illuminated and robust image. This partnership will offer increased functionality of control techniques that are now available within the image processing software environment from Triniti partners that include Stemmer Imaging, Cognex and National Instruments.

The new controller allows the user to configure the system with the proper synchronization for the lighting pulses of the Metaphase lighting system and the camera exposure to ensure a well illuminated image.  Benefits of the new controller with respect to the lighting system include fault detection, diagnostics, and the ability to safely and accurately overdrive the lighting system for maximum performance.

The integrated Metaphase Technologies system enables non-expert users to use expert machine vision lighting techniques; revolutionizes integration of lighting parameters right through to application level software; addresses application in the rapidly growing ‘plug & play’ sector of the market; provides a stability of brightness for the long term that helps to enhance the reliability of machine vision systems over many years.

Light Identification and Operational Data
The incorporation of Metaphase Technologies lighting systems with this new Triniti controller technology, from Gardasoft, involves mounting devices directly into Metaphase lighting systems or embedding them into cabling for the light, thereby enabling knowledge of light parameters, easy light connectivity, and light operational data.

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