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MetaBright™ LED Pattern Projector

POSTED 06/11/2012

g hspace="7" alt="MetaBright LED Pattern Projector from Metaphase Technologies" align="right" width="300" height="194" src="/userAssets/aiaUploads/image/Metaphase_LED-pattern-projector.jpg" />Metaphase Technologies is proud to feature our New MetaBright™ LED Pattern Projector, the MB-LPP. By utilizing proprietary optical array system, the MB-LPP provides the most intense projected line output. This LED Pattern projector illuminates a variety of patterns at different working distances. Paired with a lens and pattern reticle, the LED pattern projector is ideal for structured light applications. The device intensity can be controlled with a 0 ~ 10V intensity control.  
  • High Intensity Output based on proprietary optical system design
  • Use with C-Mount, 2/3” format imaging lenses to project the patterns
  • Designed for Structured Light Applications
  • Project Patterns with <1μm Edge Sharpness
  • Built in driver, no special control required, simply provide 24VDC
  • 0-10V intensity control
  • Versions available:  Strobe, DC (Continuous) and use with external controller (ULC-2)
  • Patterns include: Cross-hair, Stripes, Grid, Edge & Line
Ask about our available color options.