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MetaBright™ Fiber Optic Illuminator, MP-LED-150

POSTED 07/09/2012

rong>Breakthrough Price/Performance High Intensity LED Fiber Illuminators:
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Metaphase Technologies  is proud to feature our MetaBright™ Fiber Optic Illuminator, MP-LED-150.The Metaphase Fiber Optic LED Illuminator provides intense illumination for fiber optic delivery systems. This Illuminator includes one of the various nose pieces used to interface to the fiber light guide. Nose pieces include a Universal nose piece with optional adapters to mate to a wide variety of fiber tip diameters and individual nose pieces that are designed for specific fibers.

•    6000k color temperature
•    High Intensity, low cost Fiber Illuminator
•    White light intensity up to 1.6 million Lux
•    Additional intensity up to 2.4 Million Lux with Optional Optical Condenser
•    Stack-able housing design
•    Low operating temperature
•    Extremely quiet
•    Designed and fabricated in USA
•    2 year limited warranty
•    Compatible with various fiber sizes
•    Manual Intensity (dimming) control
•    Includes 115/220VAC, 50/60Hz 12 VDC Power adapter
•    Universal and manufacturer specific nose pieces available
•    Available in white and other wavelengths
Fibers & Applications:
The fiber optic illuminator can be used with all the typical fiber and liquid light guides such as point source, bifurcated, goose neck, backlight, diffused axial,  ring, etc. This LED Fiber Optic Illuminator is an ideal replacement for Halogen based light supplies used in microscopy, endoscopy, machine vision, and applications which cannot have active components near the inspection zone.

•    Microscopy
•    Endoscopy
•    Spotlight source
•    Fiber Backlighting
•    Architectural Fiber Lighting
•    Machine Vision
•    Fiber line Lights

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