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Manufacturing Policy or Lip Service?

POSTED 12/22/2009

By Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR, Robotic Industries Association

U.S. President Barack Obama seems to be in favor of a manufacturing policy that is more than lip service. It would be difficult to argue that the U.S. government is known for promoting industry like its counterparts in China, Japan, Korea and even Germany, France or elsewhere in the world. So it merits consideration when Obama’s Administration expresses an opinion about American manufacturing – the topic of a meeting hosted today (December 22, 2009) by Vice President Joe Biden.

Manufacturing policy must be strong in the U.S. Lives depend on it. A nation depends on it. We can have a great service economy, and we will, but our roots are in manufacturing and we must tend to the basics like equally valued goods and services. Robots won’t solve all our problems but little else has been proven to work so well as an equalizer in the international (and vastly low-wage) marketplace.

RIA will continue to support efforts to strengthen the manufacturing policy with a goal to help its members – including robot users – compete and do business. Please give us your best, President Obama, because the U.S. gives its best when people are working and that is what we need now.

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