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Machine Vision with EyeCheck 8000

POSTED 02/06/2014

EyeVision software, which was designed to solve all kinds of optical inspection and measurement tasks, supports all connected sensors of this powerful smart camera EyeCheck 8000. The efficient CPU enables the software to solve many applications, in real time. Especially the 3D data generation based on the optical flow and the data evaluation can be done easily with this system.

The DSP calculates the 3D point cloud and transfers the data to the ARM CPU, which does the image evaluation and good and bad classification. This powerful team enables also a high frequency image alignment system, where the sensor frame rates, the rotation and offset positions can be calculated. For the alignment this means, that the position correction can be done as fast as the positioning system can move the part. With the easy-to-configure function of the EyeVision software, new patterns can be trained within seconds.

The system can be used also for a multi-inspection system, where each sensor is pointed to a different area of a product. With the EyeVison Software it is easy to carry out measurement and inspection tasks on one sensor and a surface inspection or any kind of code reading on another sensor. In addition it is just as easily possible to carry out a measurement on all sensors, so that a world coordinate system can be spanned over all sensors and measurements in this total image can be issued.

The image stitching algorithms of the EyeVision can run on the DSP, so that it is possible to deliver a stitched image to the ARM with the sensor frame rate. The evaluation algorithms can run on the ARM with full speed.

The powerful algorithms of the EyeVision Software, which are in use for a wide variety of industries, allow the user to create fast machine vision solutions. With this new hardware, the possibilities to create a solution with an embedded system or a smart camera increased. In most cases where a PC was used due to the need of more than one camera can be solved with this new hardware and the well tested EyeVision software.
Technical Data of the hardware:
CPU: 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8, 800 MHz TI DSP, GPU
Main Memory: 2 Gbyte
Flash Memory: 16 Gbyte
Interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet
USB 2.0
PLC I/O 32 lines
Software: EyeVision