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As a global market leader Teledyne Lumenera provides an extensive range of high quality digital cameras with unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the demands of today's imaging applications. Teledyne Lumenera also offers custom design services to OEM partners requiring specialized hardware and software features. Our core competencies include digital bus technologies such as USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Ethernet, HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) as well as a complete command of digital imaging hardware and software built around CMOS and CCD based imagers. Our diversity provides our customers with the benefits of superior price-to-performance ratios and faster time-to-market. Teledyne Lumenera’s commitment to high quality, cost-effective solutions is unparalleled. Teledyne Lumenera provides customized design services, continuous innovation and licensing options to our partners and OEM customers. Teledyne Lumenera custom cameras can be adapted to fit your application.

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Lumenera Releases Fastest ICX674 Sensor-Based USB 3.0 Camera Available

POSTED 12/19/2013

Lt365R offers 53fps at full 2.8 megapixel resolution without lost frames

Ottawa, Ontario Lumenera Corporation, a leading manufacturer and developer of high-performance digital cameras and custom imaging solutions for industrial, scientific, surveillance and astronomy markets, today released its new high performance USB 3.0 cameras based on Sony’s EXview HAD II ICX674 sensor, running twice the speed of other USB 3.0 cameras on this sensor at 53 frames per second (fps) at full 1936 x 1456 resolution.

Running 53 fps at full resolution or 66 at an HDTV resolution of 1920 x 1088, the Lt365R series takes advantage of Lumenera’s unique memory buffer technology so frames are not lost while running the camera at the sensor’s maximum output. Running at twice the speed of other USB 3.0 cameras on this image sensor, the Lt365R is ideal for industrial and scientific applications requiring incredibly fast data and reliable image delivery including traffic, tolling, life sciences, slide scanning, high-speed inspection and machine vision.

The Lt365R family boasts a 2.8 megapixel progressive scan sensor equipped with a global shutter for capturing high-speed images without blur. The Sony ICX674 used in this camera delivers an amazing level of performance combining speed, sensitivity and low noise, leveraging leading edge technologies from Sony. Lumenera’s “R” designation identifies that these products has been engineered to fulfill the demands of many research applications by significantly reducing the read and dark current noise. This combination provides imaging in difficult lighting situations, or even into the NIR range.

Its compact, lightweight yet robust design, measuring 43 x 43 x 65 mm, and 4 mounting points on all 4 sides, ensure easy integration into Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions with tight spaces. The fully locking USB 3.0 cabling and digital interface provide a simple plug-and-play installation. A costly framegrabber is not required. Simplified I/O cabling is provided through a locking Hirose connector supporting external power input along with 1 optically isolated output, 1 optically isolated input and 2 configurable I/O ports.

“We are very excited to introduce this new camera line, running faster than any other USB 3.0 or GigE ICX674 camera on the market today. This camera is one of the few that fully delivers on the performance capabilities of the Sony ICX674 and the only one to do so on USB 3.0.” stated Dany Longval, VP of Worldwide Sales, Lumenera Corporation. “Our specialized technology ensures frames are delivered via a memory buffer, but without hindering the speed capabilities of the sensor as is found in other solutions. Another engineering coup for Lumenera.”

The Lt365R, available in color and monochrome, are now available and shipping. For additional information on this product line or any of Lumenera’s USB 2.0, USB 3.0 GigE, Ethernet and HDMI solutions, visit

About Lumenera
Lumenera Corporation, a division of Roper Industries, and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance digital cameras and custom imaging solutions. Lumenera cameras are used worldwide in a diverse range of industrial, scientific, security and astronomy applications.

Lumenera solutions provide unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity in order to satisfy the most demanding digital imaging requirements. Lumenera customers achieve the benefit of superior price to performance ratios and faster time to market with the company's commitment to high quality, cost effective product solutions.

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