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LMI Technologies Signs Three New Distributors and Brings Gocator to New Markets in USA and Europe

POSTED 08/23/2011

Agreements will see LMI Technologies’ all-in-one Gocator 3D smart sensor available for companies looking to improve their factory automation processes throughout the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg
LMI Technologies, a global industry leader in 3D laser measurement and control sensor technology today announced the signing of distribution agreements with Braas Company (USA), FLW of PA (USA), Inc., and DVC machinevision BV (Netherlands/Belgium/ Luxembourg). This expansion of distribution brings the all-in-one Gocator 3D smart sensor to a market of factory automation customers looking for robust, easy-to-use, 3D measurement solutions.

Gocator laser line displacement smart sensors are all-in-one solutions that make 3D measurement and control for factory automation accessible to all levels of expertise. Through Gocator’s built-in web tools, users can easily perform inline part inspections, quality controls, communicate results (either directly or to a PLC), as well as make sorting and tracking decisions. Gocators fit a large range of applications as fully functional standalone sensors, or when combined to create powerful multi-Gocator systems.

“We are excited to be working with Braas, FLW, and DVC,” said LMI Director of Sales, Kevin Brown. “Partnering with these top tier companies provides a great opportunity to introduce Gocator 3D smart sensors to untapped markets that will benefit from LMI technology. We anticipate brisk sales as a result.”

As a strong product entry into new global markets, these newly signed agreements represent significant revenue potential for both LMI and their distribution partners. The Gocator family of 3D smart sensors are extremely easy to integrate into a factory automation system making them the perfect addition to a distributor’s line of sensing products.

“Working with LMI as a distributor will help us help our customers as the need for 3D applications are growing in our region,” said Dick Goudriaan, Managing Director of DVC machinevision BV.

“FLW of PA, Inc. has enjoyed a 10 year relationship with LMI Technologies,” said FLW of PA’s Owner, Morrell Jacobs. “The addition of the Gocator smart 3D sensor product line allows us to offer our customers the state of the art in non-contact measurement.”

“We were attracted to the product because it solves real problems yet is simple to set up and operate. Additionally, LMI has extensive experience in solving 3D applications over the past several decades,” said Braas Company President, Matt Gallagher. “It is exciting to be able to bring world class solutions like the Gocator to our customers.”

Comprehensive training and sales support has been provided by LMI Technologies to Braas, FLW, and DVC in order to help them rapidly promote and sell Gocator products to their respective sales channels. For more information about the Gocator line of products, contact Braas Company, FLW of PA, or DVC machine vision directly or visit us online at www.lmi3D.com.

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An AUGUSTA Technologie AG group company, LMI Technologies Inc. (LMI) is a global leader in 3D sensor measurement technology for industrial measurement and control applications. Over 100 patents and 30 plus years of sensor expertise has gone into over 60,000+ sensors and licensed products that operate in some of the harshest working environments imaginable. LMI’s technology supports the 3D measurement needs of many of the world's largest OEMs and System Integrators in industries such as molten metals, welding, tire manufacturing, wood processing, livestock, automotive, and transportation.