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LMI Technologies’ Gocator Distribution Network Grows With Addition of Midwest Engineering & Automation

POSTED 05/16/2012

rong>LMI Technologies Welcomes Ohio Based Midwest Engineering & Automation to their Global Distributor Network for Gocator All-in-one 3D Smart Sensors
VANCOUVER, CANADA -- LMI Technologies, a global industry leader in 3D laser measurement and control sensor technology, announced today the addition of Midwest Engineering & Automation to their growing network of authorized Gocator all-in-one 3D smart sensor distributors. Midwest Engineering & Automation will serve as the point of contact for manufacturers in Northeastern Ohio looking to automate their end-of-line manufacturing processes and improve quality control.

Gocator laser line smart sensors are all-in-one solutions that make 3D measurement and control for factory automation accessible to all levels of expertise. All Gocators come with a web browser based user interface and optional built-in measurement tools making them easy to use and integrate. Users can easily perform inline part inspection for 100% quality control, communicate results (either directly or to a PLC), and automate sorting and tracking functions.

Models come in different fields of view and measurement ranges to ensure there is a preconfigured Gocator for every application. Gocators are available in both VGA and Megapixel resolutions in order to accommodate the varying speed and accuracy requirements of factory automation. Gocators can also be combined into multi-Gocator systems to fully accommodate large items or to measure a single item from multiple perspectives.

“The renewed interest in manufacturing in America combined with the efficiencies of modern optimization techniques makes the United States more and more a target region for LMI,” said Kevin Brown, Director of Sales at LMI. “We are excited to add Midwest Engineering & Automation to our network of Gocator distributors to help manufactures in the state of Ohio enjoy the benefits of Gocator 3D Smart sensors.

“Midwest Engineering & Automation’s priority is to make our customer’s jobs easier and Gocator 3D sensors are a perfect fit for our mission,” said Midwest Engineering & Automation’s President, Bruce Hayes. “LMI’s experience, team, and products reflect our values and we are excited to be working with them.”

Midwest Engineering & Automation’s team brings a combined 50 years of industrial problem solving experience to the Gocator Distributor Network and as a result, Gocator sensors are expected to have an immediate impact in the Northeastern Ohio region. Midwest Engineering & Automation has completed LMI Technologies' thorough distributor training process and can now field Gocator inquiries as an authorized distributor. Manufacturers in their area looking for more information about the Gocator line of products can contact Midwest Engineering & Automation directly or visit their corporate website at www.midwestengineering.com.

About LMI Technologies
An AUGUSTA Technologie AG group company, LMI Technologies Inc. (LMI) is a global leader in 3D sensor measurement technology for industrial measurement and control applications. Over 100 patents and 30 plus years of sensor expertise has gone into over 60,000+ sensors and licensed products that operate in some of the harshest working environments imaginable. LMI’s technology supports the 3D measurement needs of many of the world's largest OEMs and System Integrators in industries such as molten metals, welding, tire manufacturing, wood processing, livestock, automotive, and transportation.

About Midwest Engineering & Automation
Based in Wadsworth, Ohio, Midwest Engineering & Automation’s engineering and sales experience is the culmination of over 50 years of industrial problem solving. Schooled in engineering disciplines, experienced in industrial control, design, manufacturing, and consultative selling, Midwest Engineering & Automation brings a variety of skills to the table. Backed by an accessible, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful inside sales team that will go that extra mile, Midwest Engineering & Automation provides quick, correct, and timely information.

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