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Smart Vision Lights is a leader in developing and manufacturing a complete line of LED products tailored toward machine vision and the advanced lighting industry. Our products feature high current LEDs, quality craftsmanship, and an intelligent driver built-in every light.

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LHF300 Series Linear Lights

POSTED 01/21/2014

LHF300 Series Linear Lights from Smart Vision LightsThe LHF300 Series of lights was designed as a direct LED replacement for standard fluorescent lighting. The plug n’ play design of the Direct-Connect Linear Light Series gives users tremendous flexibility without the concern for additional wiring. The LHF300 array utilizes 30 high intensity LEDs and features a diffuse lens cover designed to disperse the light in the same fashion as a fluorescent light of equivalent length. It also features an integrated constant current driver built into the light. Direct-Connect Series Linear Lights utilize 24VDC and can operate in continuous or strobe mode. NPN or PNP strobe triggers can be used to control the pulse of the light.

  • Direct-Connect – Daisy Chain up to 8 units
  • T-Slot for mounting and connecting together
  • Driver built in – 24VDC
  • PNP and NPN Strobe input
  • Continuous operation or Strobe mode