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LASER COMPONENTS USA specializes in sales, distribution and marketing of components in the laser and optoelectronics industry. We have been serving customers over 15 years in North America with products from our manufacturing sites in Germany, Canada and the US, as well as from well-selected international suppliers. Our strength lies in the ability to offer FLEXPOINT® laser modules (at different wavelengths and power) and colorPol® dichroic glass polarizers (for the UV, VIS, and IR range) as single pieces or series production. Applications include alignment, positioning, and measurement.

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Laser Modules for Harsh Environments

POSTED 04/12/2016

FLEXPOINT HDFLEXPOINT HD Laser Modules at 520 nm

On land, in water, or in the air: the area of application of lasers is unlimited; however, their operational capability is generally not. To prevent the laser from taking damage as a result of its environment, LASER COMPONENTS placed it in a housing that can withstand all conditions. Thanks to the IP67 protective class, the FLEXPOINT® HD laser modules not only withstand sandstorms, they can also go into one-meter-deep water for up to thirty minutes. Because they are so robust, they are called heavy-duty – HD laser modules.

FLEXPOINT® HD modules are available as dot lasers, line lasers with fan angles from 10° to 100°, or cross-hair lasers with fan angles from 2° to 60°: for targeting, marking, or positioning tasks in absolutely any conceivable environment they emit at 520 nm or 635 nm.

520 nm is highly visible in daylight. The major advantage of green light is apparent on black surfaces, such as, for example, car tires; red laser light is largely absorbed on such surfaces. However, green light stands out brightly and clearly – all at a power that is classified as eye safe. The focusing settings allow optimal adjustment for any distance, which allows any line to stand out clearly and concisely against the background.

Both a waterproof M12 power connection and a voltage supply of up to 30 VDC are, of course, part of the FLEXPOINT® HD package. This leads to an unproblematic connection thereof to any machine or switch box. For independent operation, the module can also be connected to a rechargeable battery.

LASER COMPONENTS specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of components and services in the laser and optoelectronics industry. At LASER COMPONENTS, we have been serving customers since 1982 with sales branches in five different countries. We have been producing in house since 1986 with production facilities in Germany, Canada, and the United States. In-house production makes up approximately half of our sales revenue. A family-run business, we have more than 200 employees worldwide.