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ISRA VISION - Machine Vision Technology from a Global Market Leader. Major international industry players place their trust in ISRA. Our core competence involves the development of 3D Machine Vision products and surface inspection systems. ISRA offers efficient Machine Vision solutions for automating highly complex tasks: Robot Vision - Seeing in the Third Dimension. Robot guidance for difficult tasks such as positioning, assembly, handling, or paint finishin

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Large Strategic Orders for Inspection of Banknote Paper

POSTED 02/08/2012

Global market position expanded by innovative technology

ISRA VISION, one of the world’s leading companies of industrial image processing (Machine Vision), global market leader for surface inspection systems, and one of the leading 3-D machine vision providers, has received strategically important orders from two renowned customers in Europe, amounting to significantly more than 2 million Euros, for automatic surface inspection of banknote paper. It allows ISRA to further expand its worldwide position in this particularly demanding area. The company has been validated in various countries throughout the world with its innovative BANKSTAR product for the inspection of security features of different banknote papers. As strong partner of most banknote papermills ISRA is operating in an international market. Based on this leading market position, ISRA is striving for portfolio expansion with additional complex applications in the area of banknote production in the future.

For banknote printing companies as customers of the security paper manufacturers, the consistent quality assurance in the production processes – from specialty paper to the inspection of applied security features and paper defects – is increasingly more important. Today's banknotes feature are very complex designs with respect to graphics and printing technology and contain different security features to counteract counterfeiting. With its innovative technologies for intelligent surface inspection, ISRA offers a complete quality assurance for the production of banknotes, more efficiency and a higher productivity. Up to 80% of all security features of a banknote are part of the paper.

ISRA's products and technological innovations for the surface inspection of banknote papers are subject of high interest. Negotiations for additional orders in this area are currently underway in advanced stages. Manufacturers benefit from ISRA’s complete solutions through increased quality and sustainability from inspection and process optimization along their entire production chain. The inspection solutions guarantee constant quality with defined standards. Customer specifications can be flawlessly fulfilled. This increases trust, improves customer relations, and creates a significant advantage in global competition.

About the company
The ISRA VISION Group is the world's largest and most capable vendor of surface inspection systems. The systems are used in the glass, banknote paper, paper, plastics, non-woven fabrics, printing and metalworking industries. The ISRA VISION Group operates globally with headquarters in Germany (Darmstadt and Aachen) as well as 15 additional subsidiaries worldwide, e.g. in North America, Korea and China.