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Founded in 1995, Kinemetrix designs and implements custom lean manufacturing systems for a wide range of applications in industries from automotive to semiconductor. Our highly engineered solutions include robotic assembly and handling systems, machine learning based 2D/3D vision systems, test/inspection systems and agile feeding systems for small to large parts. Kinemetrix is a FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator. Our experienced engineers work closely with your team to develop agile, expandable solutions for high-variety, short production runs, quick changeover and future product changes. Project after project, we have proven that spending extra time during engineering dramatically shortens the troubleshooting phase of a new piece of equipment. Offline simulation, rapid prototyping expertise and a dedicated research and development lab allow designs to be validated before releasing to manufacturing. Please visit our website for more detailed information.

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Kinemetrix selected as IDS Solution Partner

POSTED 02/19/2021

Kinemetrix is pleased to announce that it's been selected as an IDS Solution Partner; one of the first in North America. This relationship createsan improved technical and commercial partnership to better serve end users.

IDS customers now have access to Kinemetrix industry-leading 3D machine vision and robot guidance capabilities. Excellent products, like the IDS Ensenso family of 3D vision sensors, are key components in Kinemetrix 3D imaging toolkit.

Learn more about how Kinemetrix employs a variety of 2D and 3D machine vision technologies to solve robot automation applications.