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IRB 1520ID Arc Welding Solution

POSTED 01/28/2013

The new IRB 1520ID dedicated arc welding robot combined with 2-station ArcPack welding solution is modular, cost-effective, and compact – a perfect combination for your next automated welding project
ABB 2-Station ArcPack
IRB 1520ID
The 2-station ArcPack is modular and can be used as a building block for your own cell design or ABB can provide a pre-engineered solution complete with cell guarding, manual or automatic rollup doors. Its compact design and efficient layout makes it easy for the operator to load and unload parts. The IRB 1520ID robot with IRC5 Controller is easily integrated with different welding process equipment.

A well-proven two station base design allows for a highly compact cell layout. At approximately 9ft x 9ft footprint for a complete cell, the 2-station ArcPack can fit in tightly constrained workshop areas.

Maximum Flexibility and Productivity
The robot and work station tables are mounted to a common base with conveniently located fork pockets allowing reduced installation and setup time. The base allows for easy transport within or between different production facilities.

Tool mounting hole locations in each work table all for fast fixture change out. If new parts are modified, added or specifications change, fixtures can be changed or modified on one station or both. The robot can weld the same or different parts on either station providing maximum cell flexibility.

Why use the 2 Station cell as a building block?
There are many common elements to every robotic application; the 2-station ArcPack provides a cost-effective building block for these common elements including:

• Cell layout and floor space requirements
• Cell guarding and equipment bases
• Cell safety requirements
• Operator interaction with the cell: loading, unloading, cycle initiation
• Weld process equipment requirements
• Tooling and part fixturing requirements

A pre-engineered solution, ArcPack simplifies the transition from manual to robotic welding. No need to spend valuable engineering time to design one-off, customized cells; no need to design a cell layout that optimizes robot work envelop; and no need to design a pre-verified, optimal base structure.

Optimized Torch Cleaner Location
The torch cleaner is located for fastest overall cycle time and easy maintenance access. With the TC mounted directly in front of the robot, torch cleaning and wire cutting operations are performed quickly with minimal robot motion. (Torch cleaner equipment - optional)