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Metaphase Technologies provides high-quality, low cost, off-the-shelf and custom-made LED lighting systems for machine vision inspection. Our extensive product line has over 4,000 standard models of LED lighting products and power supplies to choose from.

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Introducing the GEN 4 Ultimate Line Light

POSTED 02/24/2012


Metaphase Technologies proudly releases its newest generation of comprehensive LED Line Lights for integration into vision systems utilizing line scan cameras.  Gen4 ULTIMATE Line Light systems have been carefully engineered with expert mechanical design for stability, fanless cooling, uniform diffuse light output, and advanced control capabilities. 
Gen4 ULTIMATE Line Lights feature advanced optics for custom focal length and working distances, as well as LED beam shaping diffuser technology for extremely even illumination. Optional optical configurations provide for light collimation, wrinkle detection, dark-field illumination, and inclusion inspection. When paired with Metaphase’s Universal LED Controller (ULC-2), modular sections can be independently controlled for greater command capability. The Gen4 Ultimate Line Light provides a 40% increase in usable brightness over Metaphase’s MetaBrightTM Series.  Systems employ expert passive thermal conduction for increased LED lifetime. Durable housing design fortifies the best performance line scan illuminators to date.
GEN4 ULTIMATE Line Light Features:
Sizes to meet specifications from 10" to 6 meters (236.2") in length.
The brightest and most uniform line light to-date, with a 40% increase in usable brightness over Metaphase's MetaBrightTM Series.
Snap-in modular design, where sections can be controlled independently when paired with Metaphase's Universal LED Controller.
Standard T-slot mounting for installation flexibility. Pillar block mounting also available.
New Rugged Housing, with greater stability in mechanical design.
Fanless Cooling System for:
Greater Reliability
Increased Durability
Available Options:
Contact Metaphase for lengths > 108” (3 meters)
Pillar Block Mounting Option
Using ?1.5 (38.1mm) stainless steel arbors.
Dark Field Option
Useful for clear and semi-transparent materials.
Inclusion Option
Helps to segregate defects suspended in glass and plastic substrates.
Near Collimated Light Output Option
Can assist in the detection of micro scratches.
Wrinkle Illuminator Option
Extremely useful for detection of machine direction line, adhesive and coating
voids, streaks.