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CIS Corporation is a development-oriented manufacturer of cameras for use in various applications. The advanced CIS camera line includes high-performance cameras with CIS original ISP, state-of-the-art “Clairvu engine™” for superb imaging quality and high speed processing. We provide FPGA IP or software license as well as compact size, high-resolution, high-speed cameras. The product design philosophy of CIS is driven by industry requirements and offers products with the most advanced technology.

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Introducing 1080/60p Full HD Camera Module

POSTED 09/12/2012

CIS proudly introduces our new 1080/60p Full HD camera module, VCC-HD1,  this fall, 2012.

VCC-HD1 features CIS original ISP, state-of-the-art "Clairvu" engine, for superb imaging quality and high speed processing (1920x1080 / 60fps).  Good for broadcasting applications in the compact footprint, 29mmx29mmx77mm.  3G SDI I/F enables its superb quality images to be transmitted without compression via coaxial cable.  AE, auto white balance, color correction, edge enhancement, noise reduction, gamma and other function can be controlled via serial  I/F.  1080p, 1080i, 720p output are supported.  HD SDI I/F is supported as well.  Available with or without casing.