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Integro Technologies Announces Partnership with IFM Efector

POSTED 06/08/2015

Integro Technologies, a world leader in vision system integration, announces a partnership agreement with ifm efector, a premier technology partner for sensors and controls. As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing manufacturers of sensors and controls products, ifm produces over 8 million sensors annually.

With its global headquarters in Essen, Germany, ifm has more than 70 subsidiaries located in all major countries. Their international network of over 4300 employees serves more than 100,000 customers. ifm products include proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, vision sensors, machine condition monitors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors, AS-i networking and mobile controls.

With over 290 employees throughout the US, Mexico and Canada, their North American headquarters are located near Philadelphia in Exton, Pennsylvania.

“ifm efector is pleased to recognize Integro Technologies as an authorized partner for ifm Vision Systems and Imaging Technologies Solutions. The reputation that Integro has earned in this market space is unparalleled.  As a complete vision systems integrator, Integro Technologies has the proven capability to design, build, and install the most challenging robotic and machine vision applications. The introduction of the new ifm 23,000 pixel 3D time of flight cameras, combined with the experience and expertise of Integro Technologies, will provide our mutual customers with world-class products and solutions going forward,” said Bob Waldier, Branch Manager for ifm efector.

“This partnership combines two companies with unique 3D technology and vast, real world application knowledge and wisdom.  The partnership between ifm efector 3D image formation systems and Integro’s integration acumen will identify and generate a large number of new industrial application solutions in a wide range of industries. Our engineering staff is extremely excited about the new application development opportunities the ifm products present for our customers,” said Shawn Campion, President of Integro Technologies.

This partnership signals a momentous and exciting advancement for the 3D machine vision industry.

About Integro Technologies
Integro Technologies is a leader in machine vision integration in North America. With over 2,000 installations and more than 500 clients worldwide, Integro Technologies is an innovator in machine vision and system integration providing turnkey solutions, consulting, and support services for a wide range of industries.

About IFM Efector
IFM Efector Inc. is a premier technology partner for sensors and controls. Products include proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, fiber optics, condition monitors, speed monitors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors, valve position sensors, mobile control solutions, ID systems, AS-i networking and Safety at Work products.