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Integro Offers Portable, No Contact Fever Detection Solution Enclosure

POSTED 06/02/2020

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rollout of economic reopening, Integro Technologies, a globally recognized machine vision integrator, is now offering a portable, Fever Detection Solution to companies in North America.

Integro Technologies has partnered with Teledyne Imaging to provide customers with an easy, one-stop, no contact solution to detecting a person’s temperature to keep team members and visitors safe from the effects of COVID-19.

While this solution can not treat or diagnosis COVID-19, this thermal fever scanning is one form of defense against the spread of human transmissible viruses.

“Majority of the systems being marketed by a variety of suppliers do not have sufficient localized image data to yield an accurate body temperature result. This solution has a measurement accuracy of +\-0.5C.,” said Shawn Campion, President and CEO of Integro Technologies. “We have designed this system from the ground up to ensure a sound engineering solution minus the hype-curve.”

Integro’s solution utilizes detection tools to obtain accurate body temperature measurement to the right and left of the dorsal bridge of the nose. Fever Detection can be completed at a rate of one person every 3.5 seconds with people walking through the machine from start to end at social distancing standards, or approximately 17 to 20 people per minute or up to 1200 people per hour.

Systems can be installed inside or outside facilities to perform human temperature measurements. This solution provides immediate direct user and administrator feedback, data archiving of obtained information, and wireless network connectivity. RFID data options are available as well.

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