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ISRA VISION - Machine Vision Technology from a Global Market Leader. Major international industry players place their trust in ISRA. Our core competence involves the development of 3D Machine Vision products and surface inspection systems. ISRA offers efficient Machine Vision solutions for automating highly complex tasks: Robot Vision - Seeing in the Third Dimension. Robot guidance for difficult tasks such as positioning, assembly, handling, or paint finishin

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Innovative 3D Machine Vision Family of Products for "Plug & Automate" Robot Automation Receives an Award

POSTED 04/17/2015

The Hessian Minister Tarek Al-Wazir for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Land Development presented the German Industry's Innovation Award.ISRA VISION takes the lead at innovation competition: First place at German Industry's Innovation Award 2015.

ISRA VISION AG came in first place in the "Medium-sized Businesses" category of the German Industry's Innovation Awards 2015. The award, under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, was presented to ISRA for its innovative "Plug & Automate" 3D family of sensor products, which are utilized in three-dimensional robot automation applications. The award not only took the level of innovation into account, but also market opportunities, economic feasibility, innovation management and sustainability of the corporate concept.

On the occasion of the presentation of the award on March 21, 2015 in Frankfurt, the founder and CEO of ISRA VISION AG, Enis Ersü, said: "The Innovation Award is a great tribute to the ISRA team. Each and every employee is proud of this achievement. It is special recognition for the work we have been performing over the last 30 years in industrial machine vision - in one of the most dynamic growth markets of our time."

The "Plug & Automate" family of 3D sensor products for robot automation incorporates an innovative approach by making the ability to automate industrial production processes more efficient while at the same time offering a maximum in flexibility. The product portfolio integrates important technologically unique selling points. What stands out in particular is that no expert knowledge is needed whatsoever when integrating and utilizing the product. Users are able to automate their production quickly and easily with this innovative technology, all on their own.

The claim here is: "Plug & Automate" automates automation!

For ISRA, as a leading technology company in the field of industrial machine vision, research and development takes highest priority. Continuing to further develop products and applications - with the goal to not only optimize customer benefits, but also value - is central to ISRA's R&D strategy.

The "Plug & Automate" family of products for robot automation consists of 3D sensor technology based on GigE and the latest 3D machine vision software. The main components of the portfolio are the "SHAPESCAN3D" sensors for bin picking applications and MON2.5D for perfect palletizing and de-palletizing solutions as well as MONO3D for de-racking applications. The new AREA PROFILE SCANNER 3D (APS3D) is the latest addition to the product family. It is characterized by its capability to combine and merge three different, but at the same time extremely efficient measuring principles: stereometry, triangulation per multi-lines and random samples as well as special high-resolution phase-shift methods.

ISRA VISION AG and its subsidiaries are global leaders in the field of surface inspection of web materials. In addition, ISRA is considered one of the world's leading suppliers of machine vision systems, specializing in 3D machine vision, for "3D robot vision" in particular.

The company's core competence is the ISRA BrainWARE®, an innovative software solution for intelligent machine vision systems. It combines scientific knowledge from optical, illumination and measuring technology, from physics, machine vision and classification algorithms into a complex system design. Machine vision is a key technology for seeing systems, which imitate the capabilities of the human eye. Today's ISRA applications focus primarily on production automation and solutions to inspect the quality of goods and products supplied to large, future-oriented markets such as the energy, healthcare, food, mobility and information sectors. Among the company's customers are primarily the most well-known global players of each respective industry. With more than 25 locations around the world, ISRA is close to the customer anywhere, which ensures optimum service and support.

Over the last 16 years, ISRA has grown profitably with an average annual sales increase of around 25%. At this time, the company employs more than 600 people worldwide.