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Infrared (IR) Optics featuring Broadband Anti-Reflective (BBAR) Coatings

POSTED 06/26/2014

3-5 μm, 3-12 μm and 8-12 μm coating options

Edmund Optics Offers Expanded Range of Infrared Optics with Broadband Anti-Reflective CoatingsBarrington, N.J. - Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces an expanded offering of off-the-shelf Infrared (IR) Optics featuring Broadband Anti-Reflective (BBAR) coatings to meet growing market demand. These include 3-5 μm coating options on Silicon PCX Lenses and Silicon Windows and 8-12 μm coating options on Germanium PCX Lenses and Germanium Windows. 
Silicon Optics Excellent for Weight Sensitive IR applications
TECHSPEC® Silicon (Si) Windows and PCX lenses are manufactured from optical grade silicon, which is characterized by a low density of 2.329 g/cm3, making it ideal for weight sensitive applications. Edmund Optics' TECHSPEC® Silicon optics are available with a 3-5 μm BBAR coating in a range of sizes. The lenses and windows feature precision polished surfaces, excellent for a variety of IR applications, including IR spectroscopy.
Durable Germanium Optics Suited for Rugged Thermal Applications
TECHSPEC® Germanium Windows and PCX Lenses are available with 3-12μm and 8-12 μm BBAR coatings and are excellent for use in IR applications that require rugged optics. Germanium is a durable material, which is inert to air, water, alkalis and most acids. TECHSPEC® Germanium lenses offer minimal chromatic aberration due to low dispersion. These optics are outstanding for a variety of IR applications, including thermal imaging, IR spectroscopy and remote sensing and are available in a range of sizes in stock and available for immediate delivery.
Edmund Optics offers over 650 stock IR optic designs, available for immediate delivery on a range of substrates including Calcium Fluoride (CaF2), UV Fused Silica, Germanium (Ge), Sapphire, Silicon (Si), Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), or Zinc Sulfide (ZnS). Additionally, Edmund Optics offer quick modifications to stock components to take your project from design to prototype to volume production.