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Industrial 3D-Eye

POSTED 06/01/2012

expanded the already known EyeScan 3D system by another 3D sensor, the Industrial 3D-Eye, which is suitable especially for industrial environments. With this new 3D sensor three-dimensional tasks can be solved now even more competitive. The Industrial 3D-Eye offers the technology, which is known from the “Kinect” sensor, and much more. It is equipped with an even more powerful illumination and sensor and is put into an robust aluminum metal case. The housing is completely waterproof and the sensor is therefore applicable in all industrial environments.

The Industrial 3D-Eye opens up new possibilities in the range of robotics: amongst others in the range of palletization and depalletization but also in the sortation of components on the assembly line.

The expanded EyeVision system opens up new application ranges of robot control by the combination of a depth sensor and a normal camera. A classical application of the system combination is for example bin picking but also in the range of three dimensional matching multiple tasks can be solved easily. Particularly the combination of two different sensor images facilitates the grasp of objects.

The altitude images and as well the grey images of the camera are available via the high-capacity algorithms of the EyeVision 3D software. Therefore a contour matching in a three dimensional space is as possible as the evaluation of imprints.

This novelty has a lot of advantages in the field of palletization, depalletization, sortation and object recognition. Robots can e.g. pilot palettes, control the completeness and can gather a different number of articles from the palettes in order to load a new palette with these articles.

The robot can immediately access all data of an object like for example the spatial position, the measure etc. Then the robot-gripper can be simply navigated to a grip position with the aid of the EyeVision software in order to execute the tasks.

The system combination also opens up new possibilities for the quality check. The objects can be already checked for correctness during the gripping.

The communication to the robots occurs via a high-capacity library that contains the instruction sets for many conventional robots like for example KUKA, ABB, Stäubli and others.

The connection of the EyeVision software to the industrial robots is as fast and simple as already known from the EyeSpector systems. The system has to be parametrized with the aid of the EV software only once – then any task in the field of industrial image processing can be solved.

Naturally all classical image processing methods are also available for the system like e.g. reading tasks (OCR/OCV, bar code, DMC, QR code), measuring tasks and much more.