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Redex USA is a leader in supplying quality motion control components, systems and solutions for industrial machine applications. Andantex USA offers a wide range of high quality servo driven worm and planetary reducers, rack& pinions, lubrication components and systems, Two

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POSTED 08/26/2022

Andantex Will Introduce a New Planetary Reducer Design Concept at IMTS

Andantex Will Introduce a New Planetary Reducer Design Concept at IMTS
Andantex will unveil its latest generation of high-precision planetary reducers, built around its new EVO 1 (Evolution 1) technology, during IMTS 2022 at Booth 236016.

Developed with machine tool performance in mind, EVO 1 is a new approach to driving machine tool axes. The EVO 1 mechanical gearing system approaches the performance of a linear motor at the lower price of a rack and pinion linear axis. Features include high stiffness, zero backlash and an ultra-minimal transmission error. This new design provides vibration-free motion and an optimum surface finish for the machined part.

At the show, Andantex will showcase its first range of redesigned planetary reducers featuring EVO 1 technology — the SRP, KRP, KRPX and DRP Series — which are all available in their existing sizes. The new design still features the breakthrough technologies that made this range of products a favorite for machine tool builders: small diameter integral output pinion, huge preloaded tapered roller output bearings helping to create maximum combined (radial, torsional and axial) stiffness, as well as Patented ZERO-BACKLASH DualDRIVE and TwinDRIVE solutions.

In addition to the planetary reducers, visitors can also check out many other products from Andantex’s varied lineup, including:

  • Linear and rotary axis drive systems.
  • Two-speed spindle drive gearboxes.
  • Automatic lubrication systems.
  • Merobel magnetic particle tension control systems.

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