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HSB Modular System

POSTED 06/04/2013

g alt="HSB modular system from SCHUNK" align="right" width="300" height="103" src="/userAssets/riaUploads/image/SCHUNK_HSB.jpg" />With its HSB system, SCHUNK has included in its product range a sophisticated modular system of electrically driven linear axes, which leaves virtually no wish unfulfilled. The linear axes are suitable for practically all handling applications, as they are precise enough for demanding tasks, fast enough for highly dynamic applications and flexible enough to ensure that production can be converted at any time rapidly and easily.

The HSB modular system comprises several series of linear axes, which boasts all desirable features, from a huge range of sizes through self-supporting axis systems, up to machined profiles for high-precision applications and dual rail systems for high forces and moments. And when it comes to drive versions, the user can decide whether a recirculation ball screw, a toothed belt or a rack, for example, is the best for the task he has in mind. The individual components can be used in any combination, and can be further enhanced with a range of tried and tested accessories – which range from gears and pulleys to complete drive systems comprising servo-motor, drive controller and cable set. The HSB system also offers a left right ballscrew, which can serve as a servo powered gripper capable of handling wide ranges of payloads.

With this single, extensive, self-contained modular system, SCHUNK offers its customers an exceptionally large number of possible variations. In this way, functional modules can be formed in the simplest way possible, by dipping into the modular system – in future, instead of constructing, the user simply combines!  And the bottom line is: new possibilities for faster, more flexible and more economical production!