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Baumer offers high-quality digital cameras (GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™, Camera Link®) for PC-based image processing systems and intuitive vision sensors as well as OEM vision engineering for customized vision components to be used for many different applications across varied industries. Baumer Optronic GmbH is a subsidiary of the Swiss Baumer Group – a global leader in sensor solutions for factory and process automation.

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HS35 and OptoPulse EIL580 Series Encoders

POSTED 10/09/2013

rong>Incremental Encoders Provide Options for the Drives Industry

HS35 and OptoPulse EIL580 Series Encoders from Baumer Offer Design Flexibility for Engineers in Drive Applications

Southington, Conn. -- The HS35 series through hollow shaft and OptoPulse EIL580 series solid and hollow shaft incremental encoders from Baumer are ideally suited for applications in drive technology. Due to their precision optical scanning principle, which delivers less than 1 arc minute accuracy, the encoders allow for HS35 and OptoPulse EIL580 Series Encoders from Baumer Offer Design Flexibility for Engineers in Drive Applicationsprecise control in applications such as speed regulation for web presses and both speed and position control for robotics. The encoders' ShaftLock design and rugged bearings withstand higher shaft run-outs, prolonging encoder life and accuracy. Signal quality precision guarantees consistent operation over the entire temperature range.

The HS35 series is available with industry standard electrical outputs and through hollow shaft diameter from 10 millimeters to 1 inch. MIL-connectors or cable glands allow easy installation and wiring, and various tether kits are available to simplify mounting. Operational speed ratings are possible to 12,000 rpm. The operational temperature range for the HS35 is from -40° F to +212° F, and seal protection ratings are available in IP 54, IP 65, and IP 67.

The OptoPulse EIL580 is available with 6 and 10 millimeter shafts, as well as 8 to 15 millimeter blind and through hollow shaft configurations, all in standard 58 millimeter housing diameter. The OptoPulse operating temperature rating is from -40° F to +185° F. Seal protection ratings of IP 65 and IP 67 are offered, and connection options range from cable gland to M12 connector to M23 connector. Operational speed ratings of up to 6,000 rpm are possible.

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