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MESH Automation was founded in 1999. Our main focus is to develop flexible automation solutions for industrial manufacturers. We not only specialize in designing and building engineered machines, robotic solutions, and systems but also offer many pre-engineered solutions.

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How Automated Inspection Systems Can Improve Quality Assurance

POSTED 07/27/2021

Industrial manufacturers have been looking for improved quality assurance solutions to help increase efficiency in their production process, and to eliminate defective parts with minimal downtime, and ensure the finished products meet or exceed customers’ standards. Companies have different options to test and inspect their products, but automated vision inspection is known to reduce downtime and improve the quality of the products.

Automated Vision Inspection Solutions
In regard to test and inspection, both 2D and 3D vision systems may be used to help improve processes and productivity in manufacturing facilities. There are differences that need to be considered when deciding which one is best for the manufacturer. The 2D vision cameras are commonly used to identify defects, but objects are viewed as flat to the 2D vision system. In a 3D vision inspection system, the target object image is no longer just a flat picture. It is now a three-dimensional point cloud of precise coordinates where the position of every pixel in space is known. It simultaneously provides X, Y, and Z plane data along with respective rotational information (around each of the axes) as well. That is why the 3D vision systems are become more popular. Below are two examples how MESH Automation was able to solve inspection concerns for our customers and improve their quality control. Both customers were highly satisfied with their new 3D vision systems.

3D Vision Inspection of Injection Molded Parts
An injection mold can be the most expensive part of the project and can dramatically increase costs for small part runs. One of our injection molded parts customers required an automated machine that could inspect plastic injection molded parts for critical dimension and physical defect prior to assembly. The rejected parts would be quarantined into a locked bin with verification.  Vision inspection is performed looking for broken terminal walls, chipped surfaces, broken or missing plastic protrusion, feature height, or blocked holes from flashing.

Battery Plate 3D Vision Inspection Machine
Accuracy is critical for battery plates inspection, that is why our customer wanted an automated machine that could inspect, stack and quarantine out of spec battery plates. The inspection was primarily of the plate body looking for defects – holes, gross discoloration, verifying tab presence and hole location, and weld seam quality in the plates. The system was designed to take plates directly from the press and scan them as they were moving to the robot. If the plates were good, they were stacked into a bin to a desired quantity and the bad parts were dropped into a locked drawer.

The MESH Automation Difference
At MESH we are proud to partner with our customers and do everything possible to exceed their expectations every step of the project. Before we start designing 3D vision systems, we gain a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process required for your product as well as your plant culture. Only then do we start to develop the best solution for your needs. Contact us today so we can begin working on ways to help you improve productivity that will boost your bottom line.