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Hitachi Metals America, Ltd. is a global supplier of castings, cable, steel-related products and magnetic products including NEOMAX® Nd-Fe-B and NMF® ferrite permanent magnets, plus soft magnetic materials including soft ferrite, Metglas® amorphous metals and FINEMET® nanocrystalline magnetic materials.

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High Performance Magnetic Slot Wedge

POSTED 09/08/2022

Hitachi Metals has recently developed a new type of magnetic slot wedge that does not contain any resin. These magnetic slot wedges are realized using a new technology that bonds magnetic particles. This new technology increases the density of magnetic particles and achieves high magnetic permeability that is about double the level of existing magnetic slot wedges.

The high density leads to high strength that is around 1.5 times the strength of existing ones. Without containing resin, our magnetic slot wedges 10mm exhibit outstanding heat resistance enabling the wedges to maintain their strength in high temperature conditions.  The new magnetic slot wedges suppress eddy-current loss*5 that occurs in them because their electric resistance is higher than existing ones. In addition, they are expected to help improve motor cooling efficiency since they have higher thermal conductivity than existing ones.

A computer simulation suggests that the new magnetic slot wedges sized 0.5 mm or larger increases the efficiency
of the general 3.7-kW four-pole motors used in pumps, compressors, and other devices by around 1% compared
with motors without magnetic slot wedges or about 0.5% compared with motors with existing magnetic slot

Hitachi Metals’ magnetic slot wedges are characterized by their high magnetic permeability, strength, and heat resistance. Therefore, they can be used in motors in different sizes and for different applications where magnetic slot wedges were not conventionally used.

On the occasion of this development, Hitachi Metals will promote the products as a solution for increasing motor
efficiency to global customers engaging in motor development. As a high-performance materials company that
supports a sustainable society, we will endeavor to achieve carbon neutrality.