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HALCON Helps the Best Swimmers Swim Better

POSTED 08/15/2013

The user interface of “In ThePool 2.0” shows an athlete in action and controls the image processing. At the 15th FINA World Swimming Championships 2013 this summer in Barcelona, Spain, a vision system was applied to analyse the swimmers’ performances. This system was designed by STT Ingeniermy y Sistemas (STT Engineering and Systems) of San Sebastian, Spain based on the vision software Halcon from MVTec of Munich, Germany.

Coaches and athletes are always interested in improving their athletic performances. As in any sport, it is important for swimmers to study their technique. For this purpose during the 15th World Swimming Championships, a new system was established.

Using the Halcon machine-vision software from MVTec along with an array of gigabit Ethernet (GigE) digital cameras, motion-capture specialist STT developed and installed its image analysis system, called InThePool 2.0. This system captures and analyses biomechanical and statistical data, such as the swimmers’ stroke technique, frequency, velocity, pass times and turns. Using this data, the system automatically generates reports for each swimmer. These are used by the teams and trainers for performance evaluation and future development, as well as by TV broadcasters to immediately provide additional information to their audience.

Halcon is used worldwide in the industry, medical and surveillance fields. It is increasingly used in new application fields, such as sports and traffic supervision.  See more at:
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