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Metaphase Technologies provides high-quality, low cost, off-the-shelf and custom-made LED lighting systems for machine vision inspection. Our extensive product line has over 4,000 standard models of LED lighting products and power supplies to choose from.

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Glare/Hot Spot Free, LED Fluorescent Replacement Series

POSTED 01/12/2011

Metaphase Technologies is pleased to present our all new cutting edge LED Fluorescent Replacement Series, featuring our new cost effective, highly efficient LED Economical Backlight, our in-demand  Isotropic diffused Exolight, designed to replace energy sapping fluorescent tubes, and the Washdown Wide Beam LED Spot Light.  

LED Fluorescent Replacement Series Economical Backlights

Thanks to our patent pending state of the art laser-edged Lumiform technology, our LED Fluorescent Replacement Series™ Economical Backlights are able to provide incredibly stable flicker-free light with NO hot spots or glare, that will continue to shine for the long lifetime of high quality LEDs.

This same technology that makes our LED Economical Backlights glare and hot spot free makes them cost effective. Instead of filling each unit with multiple rows of energy consuming lights, we now install a single cost-effective row of lights to one side, then which is guided by thousands of laser formed ridges through layers of prismatic reflective sheets to efficiently harness and evenly diffuse bright LED light throughout an entire unit. The result is a delightfully uniform and highly cost effective light that still shines with twice the brilliance of Cold Cathode fluorescent (+/-5%). 

Our LED Backlights are currently available in two power options 24V AC or DC and three sizes: 89mm x 155mm; 146mm x 254mm; and 233mm x 412mm.

They are also available in a variety of colors: white, red, green, and blue, customizable to your specifications, allowing Metaphase Technologies, Inc. to provide uniform and stable light for all your specific lighting needs.


Washdown LED Spot Light
*Mounting Bracket included

Our all new Washdown LED Spot Light available with a wide or tight beam is our newest addition to MetaTight™ our series of rugged waterproof, LED lights made specifically to stand up to high pressure wash-downs.

The Washdown LED Spot Light is an EFFICIENT, BRIGHT, AND COST EFFECTIVE light that will never will not burn out, thanks to our built-in constant current source: an integrated strobe driver for complete LED light control, a technology Metaphase has installed and perfected for the last five years to insure excellence, and to eliminate the need for an external driver to control the light.

The Washdown LED Spot Light consumes a mere 11 watts of energy, but shines 8x brighter than a 60 watt incandescent flood light! An example of the Washdown Spot light’s wide beam width is 8ft. of coverage at a distance of 8ft. The tight beam is available in three FWHM angles: ± 12° , ± 16°, and ± 25°

LED Fluorescent Replacement Series

ExoLight™ is cost effective LED replacement technology that obsoletes the fluorescent tube. Using Metaphase’s pioneered, patent pending anisotropic plastic micro-lens diffusers, we have been able to eliminate glare and hotspots which previously hindered the otherwise superior light quality of LEDs, as well as mimic the soft diffused output of fluorescent fixtures like no ordinary diffused LED fixture can.

And in accordance with Metaphase’s longtime standard of quality and excellence, the Exolight™ will not burn out, thanks to our built-in constant current source driver for complete LED light control, so you will not need to purchase an external driver.

Now available in any combination of: white, red, blue, green, and IR.

 Features and Benefits

•    Cool White LED Light 3X brighter than fluorescent
•    Longer working distance
•    Compact robust packaging / no glass
•    No ballast or starter needed
•    No EMI/RFI
•    No UV emissions lens or diffuser aging
•    Long-life diffused cool LED light (up to 100,000 hrs)
•    Perfect for low cost machine vision lighting and other applications
•    Patented and patent pending technologies
•    Safe: power options straight 24VDC or AC/DC
•    CE rated with international voltages adapters
•    Shadow free illumination
•    No maintenance

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