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We create flexible, autonomous material handling solutions that automate even the most complex warehouse processes by designing and implementing visual autonomous mobile robots based on advanced AI and 3D vision technologies combined with enterprise software solutions.

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Gideon launches it's first autonomous forklift for trailer loading and unloading

POSTED 04/22/2022

Gideon launches Trey, the autonomous forklift for trailer loading and unloading.

The pioneering solution transforms manual pallet (un)loading, operating safely, consistently, and reliably side by side with people.

Gideon, the robotics and AI solutions company, today announced a pioneering new solution – Trey, an autonomous forklift for truck trailer loading and unloading operations.

Trey loads and unloads pallets entirely autonomously, saving more than 80% of a worker's time. It operates safely, consistently, and reliably in dynamic environments, working side by side with people.

"We at Gideon believe that we can help exponentially grow humanity's ability to move goods by automating the most complex material handling workflows," said Matija Kopi?, Gideon CEO and co-founder. "The world needs new ways of solving challenges. Our new way is to give superpowers to the millions of essential workers who keep our supply chains running. With the help of our customers, partners, and investors, we've built an AMR specifically for the task of loading and unloading truck trailers, augmenting human talent," Matija Kopi? said.

"The new solution from Gideon brings us an exciting potential for optimization, creating new efficiencies, and new ways to work," Annant Patel, director at Koch Disruptive Technologies, an investment unit of Koch Industries, and Gideon Board Member. "As new technologies become available, the supply chain challenges act as a catalyst to spur companies to innovate – Gideon being one of them. We may face uncertainties, but innovators like Gideon prove that the future is here and now."

Xavier Garijo, Member of the Board of Management for Contract Logistics at DB Schenker, also highlights the importance of innovation. DB Schenker, the global logistics leader, is one of the early Gideon customers and Series A investor.

"Here at DB Schenker, we draw on 150 years of logistic experience, and we've always focused on bringing innovation to deliver the efficiency and excellence expected by our clients. This is why we are excited to see new solutions from Gideon. Our projects so far are promising demonstrated, real-potential use cases that help us transform inbound and outbound logistic operations," said Xavier Garijo, who is also a Gideon Board Member.

The new trailer (un)loading solution combines Gideon's proprietary autonomy technology powered by AI and 3D vision, user-friendly software for smart workflow orchestration, and a robust, purpose-made chassis by Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp.

Trey helps companies relieve labor shortages, increase throughput, and raise process stability and efficiency. It significantly increases loading dock safety, reducing incidents and damages. Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of Gideon's technology, Trey is easy to use, deploy, and scale, with minimal impact on existing infrastructure, further improving the bottom line.

To find more information on Trey, please visit the Gideon website or the company's booth at the upcoming Automate Show, in Detroit.