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General Assembly Prepares EMVA for Future Growth

POSTED 05/02/2012

rong>Lisbon meeting sets the course for independent legal entity

The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has set the course for future growth of the organization with the goal to strengthen the current association activities and to build up additional support for all EMVA members. At the general assembly, which took place on April 19 prior to the 10th EMVA Business Conference 2012 in Lisbon/Portugal, the Executive Committee was mandated to transform the EMVA in an independent legal entity as a non-for-profit association. This will improve the visibility of the EMVA as a true European association. It will also make the organization more functionable, as it will enable EMVA to deepen its existing activities and to offer a much broader portfolio of services to its members in the future.

Says Toni Ventura-Traveset, re-elected member of the EMVA board:  “The machine vision companies in Europe need a strong European Association. All projects addressed by the EMVA so far were important for the industry. However, the EMVA resources have not been adequate for all tasks relevant to the machine vision industry. In order to be able to provide more services to its members, an independent European organization is a prerequisite. With the decisions made by the general assembly, the Executive Committee now can set the framework for the extended services EMVA can offer its members in the future. Amongst them are for instance more resources to promote EMVA’s international machine vision standards, but also more detailed market data about the industry to guide strategic decisions, more activities in European machine vision funding and innovation through a stronger presence in Brussels, as well as an intensified marketing for a better recognition of the machine vision industry and its association.”

Another benefit of the future legal independence is that EMVA will then be eligible to receive financial support issued for European associations by the European Union. For the transition period until a new general manager is on board, former member of the Executive Committee, Cor Maas has volunteered to serve as interim general manager for the EMVA starting July 1. “The Executive Committee is very happy that in Cor Maas we found a profound expert of the machine vision industry who offers his services until EMVA has become a legally independent association and a full-time general secretary will take over” says Ventura. Together with Toni Ventura-Traveset (Datapixel/Spain), four other members were elected into the new Executive Committee, namely Pierre-Alain Champert (Coherent/France), Gabriele Jansen (Vision Ventures/Germany), Dirk Käseberg (Mettler-Toledo Garvens/Germany), and Ignazio Piacentini (Imaging Lab/Italy).

Part of the new EMVA growth plan is a continuation of all existing partnerships. This includes the cooperation with machine vision associations in other parts of the world, the cooperation with industry related research institutes, as well as the continuation of the very successful cooperation with the vision group within the German VDMA under the new settings.
The new EMVA Executive Committee from left to right:

Cor Maas (designated EMVA General Secretary from July 2012),
Ignazio Piacentini (Imaging Lab),
Gabriele Jansen (Vision Ventures),
Toni Ventura-Traveset (Datapixel),
Pierre-Alain Champert (Coherent).
Not on the photo:
EMVA Executive Committee
Member Dirk Käseberg (Mettler-Toledo Garvens).