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Gear Tooth Inspection – precise inspection of gear wheels

POSTED 02/18/2020

From the easy presence check up to the µm-precise measurement of gear wheels.

For custom-made quality control of gear wheels EVT offers now the “Gear Tooth Inspector” (GTI). This tool is either available as add-on for the EyeVision Software or as stand-alone tool for smart cameras and vision sensors. The GTI inspects the presence, as well as the distances between the teeth and the tooth width.

Whether in watches, bicycles, excavator or energy turbines, whether with diameters of a few millimeter or several meter – gear wheels are indispensable. They transfer rotary motion or rotary in linear motion. In doing so the teeth of the wheels interlock with other gear wheel teeth or the teeth of a gear rack or else in the chain link of a (bicycle-)chain or in the teeth of a toothed belt.

For all components to interlock perfectly into each other, the precise measurement of the gearing parameter is very important. Because the aberration would lead to irregular cycle and therefore to increased abrasion.

The Gear Tooth Inspector not only counts the number of teeth present, but it also measures the tooth width and also the distances between the teeth. Additionally, also the average tooth width or the average distance can be calculated.

Especially in the automotive industry or machine construction the production flow is so big and fast, that potential problems have to be recognized as fast as possible. Thanks to the inspection with the Gear Tooth Inspector expensive rejects can be avoided and the production costs can be kept down.

Particularly the application can be realized very cost-effective. Whether as add-on for the EyeVision software for the PC or for Smart Cameras or stand-alone as Vision Sensor EyeSens GTI (Gear Tooth Inspector).

As further options there is the Profinet interface for the easy integration into a PLC as well as the OPC UA interface to easily send data to a main computer. Also a communication with Modbus, TCP/IP or UDP is possible.

The gear wheel inspection can also be combined with other features of the EyeVision software, such as the measurement technology command set to inspect the inner diameter. And also the surface can be inspected for errors with the Deep Learning tool Scratch Inspector.