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Photonfocus AG is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance CMOS image sensor and CMOS camera technologies for the machine vision industry. Based on leading edge,proprietary sensor designs, our products feature extremely high frame rates, high dynamic range (HDR) and extensive programmability for use in many industrial vision applications. Additionally, Photonfocus offers customized sensor and camera solutions and provides design-in support in vision system design.

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Fast NIR 1.4 MPix CMOS Camera

POSTED 03/09/2011

h the new 1.4 MPix monochrome MV1-D1312IE-160-CL-12 camera, with CameraLink® interface, Photonfocus introduces its second camera of a new series, based on the newly developed 3rd Generation CMOS images A1312IE from Photonfocus. Besides the overall excellent image quality it’s worth pointing out the remarkably high Near Infra Red (NIR) responsivity up to 1100nm.
Fast NIR 1.4 MPix CMOS Camera
The new MV1-D1312IE-160-CL-12 camera delivers 108fps @ full resolution of 1312 by 1082 pixel. A major benefit of the new camera is the possibility to further increase the speed to thousands of frames per second by reducing the ROI – Region of Interest – through horizontal and vertical windowing. A fast global shutter enables sharp and smear free images even at high frame rates.

The main features of the new MV1-D1312IE-160-CL-12 are:

•    Photonfocus A1312IE CMOS image sensor
•    1312 x 1082 pixel resolution
•    Very good NIR response
•    Dynamic range up to 120dB with LinLog®
•    Up to 108 fps @ full resolution
•    Global Shutter
•    CameraLink® Base interface
•    12 bit greyscale resolution