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EyeVision Now Supports the SAITIS-640 Thermal Imaging Camera by DST CONTROL

POSTED 09/19/2015

SAITIS-640 thermal imaging cameraWith the support of the SAITIS-640 thermal imaging camera by DST CONTROL, EVT covers a broad field of image processing.

The camera not only is very small and powerfull, but has a resolution of 640x480 pixel and is controlled by a standard RS232 interface. This is now possible also with the EyeVision machine vision software.

The software offers a complete thermal imaging command set. The graphical user interface with its drag-and-drop function allows an easy handling and almost ready to use inspection programs. The graphical user interface of the EyeVision Software does not require programming skills.

The combination of SAITIS-640 and EyeVision offers solutions for various applications, e.g. error detection in high- and low-voltage, machanical systems and plants, piping insulation, fire-proof coating of furnace, optimizing of casting molds, fill-level detection of containers or temperature distribution road cover, etc.

The camera is available with or without integrated shutter for NUC (Non-Uniform Correction). Both versions can deliver frame rates of 9, 25, or 30 Hz. All image processing is executed on-board, hence no external units are required.

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