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EyeVision MCT 3D

POSTED 03/31/2016

EVT's EMC3D Eye Vision Metric Calibration ToolWith the MCT3D (Metric Calibration Tool) EVT is presenting a calibration tool for 3D scanner. The tool is available not only for the EyeVision 3D programming software, but also as stand-alone Lib, which can be integrated into a C++ application.

When using the MCT3D with the EyeVision software, the calibration function is integrated into the image capture layer EVHD VIC 3D (EyeVision Virtual Hardware Devide). It is therefore easy to generate calibration values with the calibration tool. And the important benefit is that all point clouds are calibrated when the image is captured.

Alternatively with the calibration tool it is possible to transfer the calibration data to the EVT MCT3D. And the library is available for operating systems such as Windows and Linux, for x86 and ARM platforms alike.

The licensing is carried out via the hardware ID (e.g. from the 3D camera / scanner) or via an licens dongle for PC or laptop.

The MCT3D is not only extremely easy to use but also the user can use different calibration patterns. Additionally it has a very accurate conversion from 2.5 D into 3D and it totally removes perspective distortion effects. This means that the prespective introduces the object's size distortion with the distance to the camera. This tool does not correct lens distortion, such as radial distortion.

The average theoretical 3D error is at 1e-7 µm and the average real 3D error is at 50 µm.

The MCT3D is the calibration tool, which makes the 3D applications with the EyeVision 3D software easier.