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EyeVision for the Plastics Industry

POSTED 11/04/2013

rong>Plastic is the new "gold" for image processing

Many inspection tasks are realized by machine vision, because most tasks are too complex for the human eye, as it gets tired pretty fast. Nowadays machine vision takes over from the human eye.

The quality control of the product, such as control of surfaces, as well as measurement and color inspection are some of the most complex tasks for image processing. The machine vision with the EyeVision for the Plastics IndustryEyeVision software can be used for surface inspection, shape and dimensional check, position and object detection, coat thickness measuring or even for the completeness check.

EyeVision is an image processing software, which has already proved itself in quality assurance. Amongst others in the plastics industry, where the powerful commands of the EyeVision software have opened many application areas. An increase of plastic packaging and plastic products in branches such as medical engineering, pharmacy or cosmetics, also entails an increase for application areas for the EyeVision software and systems by EVT. The most important requirement for this is, that the quality of the component part has to be visually visible, because errors inside the product are not detectable by machine vision.

The applications, which can be realized with the EyeVision software are e.g. the detection of the smallest of surface errors on complete web widths of plastic foils and films. Additionally, with EyeVision the user can monitor the loading and unloading of converting machines with 2D- or also 3D-postition detection of the component parts. Moreover EyeVision is suitable for the control of dimensional accuracy of precision parts or inspection of printed impression of plastic bottles.

The application areas of the EyeVision systems in the plastics industry are complex and manyfold, because peculiarities such as high requirements for accuracy and the mostly complicated shaped part in due consideration of parting plains and gating points and the often challenging part geometry, are no problem for the EyeVision software.

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