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EyeVision for the Manufacturing of Electronic Components

POSTED 07/15/2013

offers now with the newly optimized commands of the EyeVision image processing software, which allows an inspection of electronic components during the production and also renders the inspection fairly easy for the user.

EyeVision for the Manufacturing of Electronic ComponentsDefective parts are therefore detected during the production in the earliest possible stage of the process. With the EyeVision software and the respective hardware, such as e.g. an EyeCheck smart camera, a e.g. visual inspection of a distortion on electronic pins, is possible. The inspection program, which was compiled with EyeVision, immediately recognizes defective components or group of components, which will not end up in the subsequent manufacturing stages and therefore do not cause consequential charges.

The EyeVision System not only can be used to detect faulty components, but also to prevent those. Especially during the manufacturing of electronic conductor plates or else the production of electronic and mechanic groups of components, the EyeCheck smart cameras are able to recognize changing process parameters. The inspection programs, created via the drag-and-drop programming of the EyeVision Software, give signal at an early stage to go against those and uphold the production process flawless.

The best solution for the visual inspection of electronic components depends of course on the concrete application. Although in most cases the usage of a smart camera of the EyeCheck 3xxx series proofed to be of value. This intelligent camera has as evaluation unit an ARM CPU, which runs with 1 GHz and additionally also a 800 MHz DSP. Especially for inspection of electronic pins, where it depends on each pixel, it is necessary to be able to move those capacious data quite fast.

The systems by EVT with the easy-to-handle EyeVision software and the powerful smart cameras as well as PC-based systems for quality control, are applied more and more especially in the electronic manufacturing. Due to visual acquisition and evaluation of product characteristic with the EyeVision systems, the quality of the electronic components will improve.

Gerade in der Elektronikfertigung kommen die Systeme von EVT mit der einfach zu bedienenden EyeVision Software und den leistungsstarken smart Kameras, sowie PC-basierten Systemen, zur Qualitätssicherung zunehmend zum Einsatz. Durch die optische Erfassung und Bewertung von Produktmerkmalen mit den EyeVision Systemen soll vor allem die Qualität der auszuliefernden elektronischen Komponenten gesteigert werden.

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