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EyeVision 4 - the best EyeVision release we ever made

POSTED 12/07/2020

EyeVision is the base of numerous systems for industrial automation as well as for services for diverse industries. The software offers 3D measurements for production processes, packaging and logistic sectors and Robot Vision. EyeVision enables you for example Bin-Picking, Pin Inspection, weld seam and glue or seal inspection.

Now the new EyeVision 4 software offers you many more innovative functions, such as: Additional 3D Instructions, a new 3D calibration Setup and an Advanced regular body matching. The Support of new 3D Sensors like Keyence, Intel LIDAR (…). A new Thermal Vision high speed LockIn Toolset based on EyeMio Thermo, as well as many new thermal imaging commands. In addition, a new set of DeepLearning and Machine Learning functions and a number of pre-learned networks are integrated. These guarantee an easy and fast training of your customer products. EyeVision 4 offers you an exclusive Advanced Feature Toolset for reading Barcode, DMC, QR and OCR/OCV. In addition to the existing color selection in EyeVision 3, a New Color Toolset with full LAB Support for discriminating of 16 Million Colors is now available. The Remote Interace for easy training of remote systems is also new, as well the Communication Protocols additionally to the current Profinet, Modbus, Interbus, MQTT, OPC UA (…)

EyeVision 4 helps you cost-effectively to achieve an error-free production. Take advantage of the numerous new features of

EyeVision4!Download the data sheet here to get all information about the innovative EyeVision 4 software:

data sheet