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EVT offers image processing solutions in the 1D, 2D and 3D areas. In addition, with the help of Eye Vision Technology products, tasks can be solved quickly and inexpensively using thermography and hyperspectral measurements.

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EyeVision 3.1.12 LTS – Image Processing Software Now Also with Profinet

POSTED 11/24/2015

The EyeVision 3.1.12 LTSThe EyeVision 3.1.12 LTS now supports Profinet and also an SQL data base. Additionally, the image processing software EyeVision is also prepared for Industry 4.0. Besides the revised color inspection commands, the Code Reader was also extended (DMC, bar code, QR, etc.).

For the user the complete EyeVision command set is available and therefore the system can be used for measurement technology, code reading, OCR/OCV, object detection, surface and color inspection, pattern matching, 3D and Robot Vision, etc. With Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the software the inspection programs can be put together by selecting the graphical tools and commands, just the same way as selecting apps on your smart phone.

Additionally, the new EyeVision 3.1.12 has more commands for 3D measurement and also more filter commands directly available. For the already advanced EyeVision users will find not only that the toolbox is better arranged, but also the new plug-in for creating their own commands.

With the command plug-in self-arranged commands can be integrated into the EyeVision GUI and allows to simplify the process of putting together an inspection program.